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Somos um Private Equity Early-Growth

Investimos em empresas que buscam retorno financeiro
atrativo e transformações socioambientais positivas e mensuráveis

Nossa gestora de investimentos atua netas áreas de interesse


Vamos transformar o setor.
Por meio de nossos investimentos e do fomento ao ecossistema, queremos mudar e acelerar a forma como a inovação acontece no Brasil

Modelo de ecossistema Legatus Ventures



We are deeply moved by the challenges facing our world… climate change, dwindling natural resources & growing inequality are some of the problems that keep us up at night.


We believe those challenges require new approaches TODAY, and they will come from driven smart and passionate individuals... 

We partner with founders to build and grow kick-ass businesses. 

We provide alternative points of view, we challenge, we set ambitious targets and we are available around the clock to help them get there. 

We support those that choose not to complain but instead act to challenge the status quo… those that imagine and create something different.

We envision a new economy, one that creates wealth and is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.  

We believe that great investments deliver sustainable value by making a positive impact
in our world. 

We are SP Ventures, an expertise-driven team, investing in what we know best.

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Legatus Team

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